The Cover Story

Matlock300Several have asked about the people on the cover and about the significance of the scene. They are a special family photographed by Monique Sady in Reno, Nevada and ironically the author or the publisher team of Journey to the Fatherless has never met them!

They have been gracious enough however, for their personal portrait to be used for the Journey cover.

What I am about to describe may have nothing to do with the family but is my portrayal of the scene.

As you look at the photo there are several important aspects that I would like to highlight for you. Clearly, the mother and father have three children with them. I envision the boy on the left as being of African descent – an orphan perhaps from Ethiopia. The girl in the middle is Asian – perhaps an orphan from India, China or Vietnam. The boy on the right could be a fatherless child from Russia, the Ukraine or another eastern European country. He could as well be a boy from the U.S. foster care system.

The parents have been on a long and arduous journey bringing these orphans and vulnerable to their forever family. And finally, they are climbing the last hill before they arrive at their intended destination – home! The journey has been hard for them at times, and as you observe the sky there are storm clouds symbolizing difficulties and hardship. Those clouds are now moving to the right with the sun beginning to reflect upon the landscape. For those who have trusted the Lord for His provision and promise on the journey, the sun is the Son of God, Jesus Christ, emanating His brilliance on the final stretch.

You will notice a large,tall tree that has grown for generations at the crest of the hill. The parents and their adopted children are bringing their children home from the journey to graft them permanently into their family tree that basks in the glory of the Son.

And so God’s design for the family continues – as He draws people of all nations to His family tree.