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“The book was wonderful! I have had several of our relief parents come to me and say how it touched them and helped them have a new and refreshed perspective on orphan care. It was so well received that we provided copies to all of our full-time staff as well as our part-time staff. It was an excellent training tool and we will continue to provide copies to new staff as we grow. It is very difficult to find resources that are from a Christian perspective and also professionally relevant. Journey to the Fatherless was the exception.”

-Allen Butler of WinShape Homes, a Chick-fil-A company


From the moment we first picked up your book, we knew it was a treasure.  We have learned so many practical and gospel-centered truths about caring for the least of these, as it relates to our personal callings and through the mission of the Church.

 Journey to the Fatherless has been instrumental in our understanding of God’s heart for the fatherless, and in our roles as church ministry leaders and orphan advocates.

– Eric and Jodie Frye, Co-founders Altar84 


As an adoptive mom, ministry leader, and orphan advocate, I recommend this book as a must read, especially for pastors.  Journey to the Fatherless is usually the book I give as a gift to pastors when I speak in local churches or interview them on my radio program.

-Sandra Flach, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Justice for Orphans and Co-Host of Orphans No More radio show


I truly loved this book; the message is beautiful. The honesty within these pages will encourage you in your calling, and help you to avoid common mistakes. Journey to the Fatherless inspires, educates and equips you for your own journey — it’s definitely an adoption must-read.

-Cheryl Ellicott, author of This Means War: Equipping Christian Families for Fostercare or Adoption


We have really enjoyed the book and the study guide! We have completed 3 orphan related studies prior to Journey to the Fatherless and this is by far our FAVORITE! It is a great read for anyone interested in following God’s word!  Thanks for writing the book and getting all this wonderful information out there!

-Dawn (Savannah, GA)