Awakening to the Cry

It is our hope that Journey to the Fatherless will reinforce how important the Church and each member of the body of Christ are to the children of the world, and especially to the needs of the fatherless.

As the Church awakens to the cry of orphaned children on her doorstep, may she dispatch the vast resources entrusted to her; acting as agents of Christ’s righteousness, justice, and mercy on this earth.

For years, a small and persistent band of people within the Church have accomplished much, with very little, for the orphan. They are radical in their passion. Their numbers are growing and they are making an incredible difference worldwide. May the emergent power and beauty of the Church validate and encourage these defenders of the fatherless who adopt, who provide foster care, who care for orphans and who help vulnerable children – over and over again.

This book was not written as a theological treatise on the biblical basis for adoption, as there are excellent texts already available. It is also not a handbook covering adoption questions, orphan care or foster care training per se as again, there is ample material which has been published.

My purpose in writing this book is to help the Church both awaken and prepare her people for the journey to the fatherless. Both of these actions are important. If all the Church does is awaken her members to the need, the full potential of her power will not be realized. Without proper preparation, those who venture out can be blindsided and easily disillusioned. Until local churches are able to begin this process however, may they encourage those who are caring for the least of these.

Note from the author: Throughout the book, the words adoption, orphan care, foster care or humanitarian relief are used interchangeably. Using one of these words alone does not diminish the importance of the remainder. Some thought has been given to using the term OVC, meaning orphans and vulnerable children, to represent the breadth of the need.