Class Kit

The Journey to the Fatherless class kit can help you promote and lead a small group, Sunday School or support group for those interested in adoption, foster care or orphan care. This specially priced kit includes a vinyl banner, promotion poster, (5) large postcards, (5) softcover books as well as (5) Discussion & Study Guides , (1) hardcover book and (1) Leaders Guide. The class leader can decide the length of the class and structure the topics to meet their desired schedule. These are the essential items you need to help promote the class within your group or organization.

Additional copies of the books and postcards can be ordered separately at any time. Please note that each copy of the book comes with the Discussion & Study Guide.

There are five different postcards with each one representing a diverse perspective from foster care to international adoption. You choose the ones you would like to receive with the class kit. Additional post cards are available to be purchased separately.

Order the class kit and other supplies on the Order Online page.