Inside the Book

Through the years, I have learned that those involved in adoption and orphan care ministries are passionate people with an energy level that astounds many.

Many of them began their journey excited, with passion and with an almost reckless abandon of common sense (at least compared to those who look at them from afar), of limited finances or even knowledge of all of the perils or pitfalls.

There are others who may want to begin the journey but are still pondering what they need to know, what to expect along the way and will they be travelling alone. Nonetheless, they are seriously considering the mission and all it may take is just a little nudge of hope and support for them to go. Finally, there are people who measure the cost over and over and never begin the journey. They think it is too expensive; too time consuming; or it is somebody else’s job, that is why we have the government; the church down the street does it, etc.

This book is written for all of the above and for the local church they are connected with. Hopefully with proper awareness and preparation they will become receptive, responsive and resolved to join others on the journey to the fatherless.

Chapter One can be used as a special message on any Sunday to launch a new series of classes in the church (based upon chapters two and forward). Chapter one will begin our work with awareness – looking at the reality for many orphans and vulnerable children today. For example, some children in orphanages are “double orphans” which is a situation in which both parents are missing or deceased. Other children are considered “vulnerable” due to an economic or social crisis within their family. Either way, these children do not have a stable environment in which to grow and thrive. Is there any doubt that both of these situations are serious and not what the Lord intends?

Chapters Two through Thirteen continues the awareness that we need but these chapters also begin the important matters of preparation. This material may be covered in a special class series (i.e. Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, etc) or in a home study group.

Chapter Fourteen may be a useful instrument for the local church to explore as it defines a model of support that assembles the “parts of the Body” so that they can work together. The resources within this model “wrap around” the family providing vital services in key areas. Not everyone is called to adopt but as the Body of Christ, we are called to love and support one another. This chapter covers five resource areas that would encourage participation by the members of the local church community.

Chapter Fifteen can be used as the concluding message which forms a pair of bookends with Chapter One. Chapter One sets the stage, the facts and the hope we have in the awesome power of God. Chapter Fifteen can be used as the framework for the stories of what happened to those who attended the intervening classes to commission their journey in prayer before the church, AND to engage the remainder of the church in their role of supporting one another.

Given the magnitude of the worldwide crisis we must ask this question: Is there any hope for the helpless? I believe there is AND I believe this hope can be found in Jesus Christ and the Church which bears His name.