by Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans

Jedd Medefind is the President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. Previously, he served as Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and Acting Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

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What people, groups and pastors are saying about Journey to the Fatherless

Sandra F wrote: As an orphan care ministry leader, this is an excellent resource for the church! It's important to get it into the hands of pastors, those in leadership, and really anyone who has a heart for the fatherless.

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Adoptive and foster care families need more than encouragement

An entire chapter in Journey to the Fatherless discusses a wrap around support model that any church can use! The five resources have been highly recommended by adoptive, foster care and orphan care families.

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Is this just another book on adoption?

BookStackNot really. This book is about awareness and preparation - for those in leadership and for those called to adoption, foster care, visiting orphans or helping vulnerable children.

Journey is for leaders who must help others become aware of God’s heart for these children.

Journey is for ordinary people who must prepare well before they begin their venture.

Journey is for the Church. Continue reading