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Several well respected authors and leaders in the field of adoption and orphan care have graciously offered their comments on Journey to the Fatherless.

We recommend their individual books as well as their ministries.

Each of them have and are making a life saving difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.

  • “Journey to the Fatherless is a call to do the one thing most characteristic of a Christian – be the hands and feet of Jesus to the least of these. I’ve known Larry for many years and I can vouch for the fact that he lives what he is calling others to. The Journey will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and in doing so, find the kind of life you have always wanted to discover.”

Tom Davis, President of Children’s Hope Chest and author of Fields of the Fatherless, Scared and Priceless

  • “The church must do something. The global orphan crisis is too serious to ignore, and the biblical call is to plain to miss. Because of these realities, I’m thrilled to see Journey to the Fatherless! It challenges believers to practice James 1:27 practically, as people who have been adopted by God spiritually. Read it and go be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only.”

Tony Merida, author of Orphanology, and Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Church and Associate Professor of Preaching, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • “Larry Bergeron has written a book that is a must read for every Pastor who desires to take the journey personally and then lead his church to take the journey as a congregation of believers. Journey to the Fatherless will be life-changing and will drastically affect the vision of the church from internal to external, from what I can receive to what I can give and do. The Journey inspires us to think as Jesus thought and to act on what we learn. Enjoy the journey.”

Senior Pastor Tom Pendergrass, Urbancrest Baptist Church

  • “Larry Bergeron is swimming in a life of compassion for the orphan.  Journey to the Fatherless is an invitation to jump in with him. From engineer to food factory developer, from angry agnostic to a caring pastor, I can’t think of a better author for this book.  His book paints a glass through which we and the church can all see the orphan as the very face of God.  How could we not run to that!  I believe my friend Larry’s book will impact pastors around the country encouraging and equipping them to begin this journey in orphan care.  I especially enjoyed his call for Pastors to engage in the battle for these kids and help launch their parents and children towards new lives of hope in Christ. The “Wrap Around” model was also especially poignant, here he colors the page with a myriad of practical ideas on how the church can support orphans and the families called to reach them.  After reading this, no child will look the same to any of us.  We must go”

Christopher R. Padbury, National Adoption Advocate and founding Executive Director of Project 1.27

  • “The church desperately needs to know not just that there is a world-wide orphan crisis but also what we can do to intervene.  Filled with biblical principles and practical applications, Journey to the Fatherless will inspire and equip you to begin the difficult yet joyful journey of caring for those who are most vulnerable.”

Dr. Daniel Bennett, author of A Passion for the Fatherless and Sr. Pastor, Bethany Community Church

  • “Around the globe, I have seen far too many orphans, too many children starving and even more children living in fear and without hope of any kind. I believe that Journey to the Fatherless will challenge you, enlighten you and embolden you to serve these children as the Lord has compelled each one of us to. Each day I try to live my life in such a way that I will accomplish at least one thing that will outlive me and last for eternity.  Please join with me and Larry Bergeron to see that we do just that – for as his book says “the children are waiting”

Vernon Brewer, President of WorldHelp, Inc., author of  The Forgotten Children; Defining Moments: A Journey to the Ends of the Earth and Back and Children of Hope

  • “Our church community has sacrificially served the fatherless for several years. We have seen children that no one wanted come alive, thrive and grow. Our work is not done though. There are too many children in foster care and too many orphans who cry out every day around the world. My brother’s book Journey to the Fatherless is the tool we need to help churches rise up an army of trained and devoted followers who will rescue the world’s children from hopeless days and nights. Read it, preach it and live it. The journey will change you as it has changed us – for the better.”

Bishop W.C.Martin, author of Small Town, Big Miracle and Sr. Pastor of Bennett Chapel

  • “The cries of hundreds of thousands of children rose up last night to the ears of God.  Hopeless, hurting, abandoned, sick, fatherless, malnourished and completely vulnerable.  Why are these cries not heard by the people of God?  I greatly appreciate the messenger and the message of this book intent on awakening in us what is known so well by God.  As you read Journey to the Fatherless I pray that the voice of the Holy Spirit will stir you to rise up in the strength that He gives to change their lives – and yours.”

Dwyatt Gantt, Executive Director, Children’s Hope International

  • “Captured by the call to respond to the needs of orphans around the world and fueled by the vision that the church is called to respond, Larry Bergeron in Journey to the Fatherless passionately tackles such questions as “What can  believers expect as they enter the battle for the hearts and minds of orphan children?”  “How can those not connected to orphan ministry get engaged?” and “What practical steps can a church take to begin and sustain a ministry to foster and adoptive families and respond to humanitarian needs?”  Ideal for church study groups, the Journey to the Fatherless provides that foundation that will move a church from thinking to action in responding to the needs of fatherless children.”

Dr. David and Jayne Schooler, author of Wounded Hearts, Healing Homes and The Whole Life Adoption Book and LAMb International.

  • “Journey to the Fatherless jolts readers into considering whether they are truly acting like the Jesus they claim to love. Fully backed by scriptural truths, the Journey demands that Christians put their hearts, time, and money into “the least of these,” changing the lives of the most fragile people on earth – the 150-plus million orphaned children around the world today. The best part, however, is that it goes beyond the call and wisely prepares readers for the disillusionment and even dangers they will face on the journey. He reminds Christians that servanthood means sacrifice, and while that’s not always a picnic, the blessings that return are better than anything personally invested. This book is a must-read for all those – young or old – who wonder why their Christian lives feel unsatisfying, for those who wish they could find more meaning in their daily routines, and for everyone who feels the tug of the heartstrings to minister to the poor, the weak, and the lost.  As an adoptive father himself, author Larry Bergeron provides practical tools, personal truths, and powerful wisdom for anyone who wants to join the grueling, gut-wrenching, GLORIOUS Journey to the Fatherless.”

Natalie Nichols Gillespie, author of Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families and adoptive mom with a passion for orphan advocacy and ministry.

  • “Larry Bergeron has walked the walk. He has been still and listened to the voice inside and calling him to care for the least — the orphan, the hungry, the ill and the foster care child. I have seen him open thousands of hearts and lead them on a path he has walked. I’ve seen him at work in post-earthquake Haiti. Journey to the Fatherless is Larry’s spiritual and earthly map. It will help the reader close the distance and put faith into action.”

Mark Curnutte, author of A Promise in Haiti: A Reporter’s Notes on Families and Daily Lives

  • “God used Larry Bergeron to crystallize within me a vision for the orphan.  Larry’s clear, concise theology and statistical knowledge on the subject so dear to God’s own heart compelled me to action.  Our first orphan series as a church moved us to a simple yet extraordinary mission:  help the church of Cincinnati wrap its arms around every foster/adoption eligible child in the city.  Be careful as you read the book Journey to the Fatherless, God may use it to re-set your priorities too!”

Chris Beard, Lead Pastor, People’s Church

  • “For 2,000 years Christ-followers played a primary role in caring for orphans, just as God’s word commands us.  But when governments in 20th century America created the foster system, the American church quietly stepped away from orphan care.  Thankfully governments can provide funds, systems, and laws to protect vulnerable children.  But government systems cannot provide love, compassion and eternal perspective to a child.  When Christ-followers invest their hearts, their lives and their faith in caring for orphans and vulnerable children, the trajectory of a child’s life is transformed for the rest of his or her time on earth, and for eternity.  Larry Bergeron reminds us of our mandate to care for orphans.  And his book Journey to the Fatherless reveals to us that caring for orphans is a spiritual battle, one that the enemy will fight but also a battle in which God our Father will be at our side – always.”

Chris Combs, Executive Director, Coalition of Care of Greater Cincinnati, and Mission Director, Montgomery Community Church

  • “The Journey to the Fatherless is life changing and requires a re-commitment by the church to show the love of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard His Name. It is a heart touching book for me and to the church here in India who serve the orphan, the homeless, the hungry and the ill. Journey to the Fatherless must be read by Christ followers who want to put the love of God into action for the least of these.”

Pastor Paparao Yeluchuri, President, Missions to the Nations, India

  • “Journey to the Fatherless puts orphan care on the front lines of today’s spiritual warfare.  Larry is leading the charge by engaging the church to fulfill its commitment to the orphan.  The Journey is an insightful, biblically sound reminder to the church of God’s mandate….to look after, care for, and visit the orphan.   The fight for God’s children is one of the strongest and most important forms of spiritual battle today.  The Journey to the Fatherless encourages us, prods and challenges the church to obediently put on the armor of God and fight for His children – they are priceless to Him.”

Rick & Heather Ingle, co-founders of the James 1:27 Ministry and adoptive parents of 14 wonderful children

  • “Before our salvation we were all fatherless and orphaned, without a hope or future.  In Galatians 4:5, Paul says that Jesus redeemed us from the law so that we might receive adoption as his children.  Journey to the Fatherless equips the church to fully understand the heart of the Father regarding adoption.  God is preparing His church for such a time as this.  In Journey to the Fatherless, Larry Bergeron encourages the church to fulfill its call to respond to the need of orphans and vulnerable children around the world.”

Christian Bunse, spokesperson for Orphans Promise